DIY – How to make a lion with DohTime

Let’s learn how to make a lion with DohTime!

Step 1 : Make a cylindrical shape with a red dough to make a sausage and to make the bread you will need a brown dough, make it flat so that it can hold the sausage in

Step 2: Now wrap the sausage with the brown base which should look similar to the picture shown in step 2. To make the garnish sauce use yellow dough and make a fine thread.

Step 3: Finally, place the yellow thread dough on top of the sausage to get the tummy yummy hot dog

Requirements: Red, mustard brown, and yellow dough.

Fun Fact: Way back in the 18th century people thought that the sausages in hot dogs were made of dog meat because dog meat consumption was not rare in Germany back then.

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