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How to make a burger with doh

Let’s make a burger with DohTime!

Step 1:  First step you will need to roll out a piece of brown dough to make the first piece of bread.


Step 2: Next step is to create the meat with a darker shade of brown, you will also roll the piece of dough and make it a circle.


Step 3: Next step is to cut a piece of yellow dough and create a rectangle shape for the cheese.


Step 4: Now you will need to create three circles, red, green , and brown, for the tomato, cheese, and the second piece of bread.

You will need to make small dots from a lighter brown dough for the sesame seeds on top of the bread.


Step 5: And the last step is to put all the ingredients between the two pieces of bread and enjoy your delicious burger.

Requirements: Brown, black, yellow, green, and red dough.

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