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How to make a school bus with doh

Let’s create a cool school bus using DohTime!

Step 1: First, pick out your colors from DohTime for the school bus (Yellow, Bluey, Red, Orange, Black, and Green).


Step 2: Use the yellow DohTime to shape the bus body. It’s the big part of the bus!


Step 3: Take the blue DohTime and make square shapes for the windows and the door. You can even add some details if you want.


Step 4: Now, for the wheels and other parts, use black and red DohTime to make circles for the tires. Make two orange balls for the bus’s lights.


Step 5: Put all these pieces together, and there you have it, your DohTime school bus is ready to take you on a fun adventure!



Now, you can have a fantastic time playing with your homemade school bus!

Requirements: Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Red.

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