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How to make a car with doh

How to make a Car with DohTime

Step 1: Make a cuboid using the red dough to make the car’s body.


Step 2: With the help of your index finger make an impression on one side to make the front part of a car.


Step 3: Make four tiny balls with blue dough and press with your index finger to make a wheel of the car


Step 4: Now, attach the four wheels to four corners of the car and make two flat circle using yellow dough for front light and place them as well.


Step 5: Make a flat rectangular windshield using yellow dough.


Step:6 Finally, place the windshield  in front of the car to set your tiny shiny car going. Pom pom Vroom…..


Requirements: Red, Blue and Yellow dough


Fun Fact:  A modern Formula 1 car can drive upside down in a tunnel at 120mph


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