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Let’s make a Lion


Step 1: Roll the yellow dough to make a sphere shape for the face and an egg shape for the body


Step 2: Use some white dough to form the tummy and face variation as shown in step-2 and place a toothpick on top of the body to secure the lion’s head


Step 3: Roll a small piece of yellow dough in your palm to make the baby lion’s tiny feet and make a small triangle shape with orange dough and place it as a nose as shown in the figure.


Step 4: Now complete the lion’s face with cute little eyes with black dough and roll a nice round ear using yellow and white dough and place it on either side on top of the head.


Step 5: Penguin now it’s time to secure the head in place on the toothpick


Step 6: Finally, make your lion’s fluffy hair with orange dough and fix it around its head and a long tail on his back as shown


Requirements: Black, White, Orange and Yellow dough


Fun Fact: Do you know that lion’s spend 16 to 20 hours per day sleeping? No wonder they belong to the cat family


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